Wedding Souvenirs & Special Occasion Buttons

Wedding Souvenirs & Special Occasion Buttons

From $400.00

PHOTO buttons can be superb icebreakers for your guests as well as memorable, unique and affordable souvenirs for all! Our Wedding Package can tell the story of the romance, the courtship and the proposal and get your guests buzzing! With photos from all different stages of the romance, the chatter will be warm and fascinating! 

The following prices are for 2.25-inch buttons with the names of the couple and the date of the wedding on all of the buttons:

 10 different photos=

$100 set up ($10 per original)

$3.00 ea. for 100 Buttons with 10 different photos = $300.00

Setup($100) + Cost per Button($300) = $400.00

100 personalized buttons for $400.00 or $4.00 ea. with 10 different photos

20 different photos =

$160 setup ($8 per original)

$2.50 ea. for 200 buttons with 10 different photos = $500

Setup ($160) + Cost per Button ($500) = $660.00  

200 personalized buttons for a total of $660.00 or about $3.30 ea.

50 different photos =

$300.00 setup for 50 different photos ($6.00 ea)

$2.00 each for 500 buttons with 50 different designs = $1000.00

Set up ($300) + Cost per Button ($1000) =$1300.00

500 personalized buttons for $1300.00 or about $2.60 per button with 50 different photos

These beautiful souvenir conversation starters will have your guests mixing and mingling and they will each take home warm memories of the event and a deeper perspective on the lives of the wedding couples.


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