Memorial/Funeral Buttons

Memorial/Funeral Buttons

This is a difficult time for you, but we try to make this shopping experience easy. Call for personalized service at 804-282-4436 or use the contact form and include a good time to call back. We will need from you a photo of the deceased, their name, their dates, and the words you would like to say.

Sizes are usually 2.25-inch or 3-inch. The setup fee is included in the prices below:

3-inch Buttons (all same design)*:

  • 25 =$65.00
  • 50 = $90.00
  • 100 = $125.00

2.25 -Inch Buttons (all same design)*

  • 25 = $50.00
  • 50 = $80.00
  • 100 =$95.00

*For Additional photos/setups, add $10 per design

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