How to Create Your Own Custom Sports Buttons – An Easy-Peasy Guide

How to Create Your Own Custom Sports Buttons – An Easy-Peasy Guide

Posted on June 1st, 2023

Hey there, sports enthusiasts! Jennifer here from Photo Buttons, and today I'm going to spill the beans on how to design your very own custom sports buttons. 

Whether you're looking to showcase team spirit, commemorate a special event, or fundraise for your sports team, custom sports buttons are the way to go. 

So, let's dive right in and unleash your creativity!

At Photo Buttons By Jennifer, we've got you covered when it comes to designing custom sports buttons that will make the other teams envy you!

With our easy and seamless process, you'll be rocking those personalized buttons in no time. 

So, let's break it down step by step and get you started on your button-designing journey.

Why Your Team Needs Photo Buttons

Custom photo buttons are an absolute game-changer when it comes to team sports. These little gems offer a powerful way to showcase team spirit, create a sense of unity, and celebrate individuality all at once. Whether you're a player, a coach, or a fan, photo buttons provide a personalized touch that amplifies the excitement and camaraderie of the game. 

They allow each player to have their own button with their photo, name, and number, making them feel recognized and special. Not only do these buttons foster a strong sense of team identity, but they also become treasured keepsakes that capture the memories and accomplishments of the season. 

Furthermore, photo buttons are an incredible fundraising tool, enabling teams to raise funds while spreading team pride. From enhancing team spirit to creating lasting memories, photo buttons truly shine in the realm of team sports.

Design Your Custom Sports Buttons in No Time

At Photo Button By Jennifer, creating your personalized photo buttons is very easy! Just follow these steps:

1. Choose Your Look

The first step in creating your custom sports buttons is choosing the look that perfectly captures the essence of your team. We offer a range of customization options to suit your preferences. Whether you want to display the team name, sport, date, or any other cool design element, it's all up to you! Let your imagination run wild and create a design that truly represents your team's unique spirit.

2. Share Your Team Info

Once you've nailed down the look of your buttons, it's time to share some important team information with us. We want to make sure that each player gets their personalized button, so we'll need your team roster. Provide us with the names and numbers of all the players, and don't forget to let us know the desired quantity of buttons for each athlete. This way, we can ensure that every player feels special and recognized.

3. Submit Your Player Photos

Now comes the fun part - the player photos! We want those buttons to showcase the awesome faces behind the team. So, gather up the best photos of your players and submit them to us. We accept JPEG photos through email or popular file-sharing services like WeTransfer or Google Drive. Just make sure to title each photo with the player's whole name for easy identification.

We want those buttons to make your players shine!

4. Fast Turnaround Time

We know you're eager to get your hands on those custom sports buttons, and we won't keep you waiting. Our fast turnaround time ensures that you'll have your buttons ready to go in a jiffy. We pride ourselves on our quick and efficient service, meaning you can start showing off your personalized buttons sooner than you think.

Within just a few days of receiving your order and all the necessary information, we'll have your buttons ready to be proudly worn by your team's biggest fans. Talk about speedy customization!

5. Show off Your Team Spirit

Congratulations! You've successfully designed your custom sports buttons, and now it's time to unleash your team spirit like never before. Wear those buttons with pride, display them at games and events, and watch as they become a symbol of unity and support for your team.

But wait, there's more! Custom sports buttons aren't just limited to teams. They make fantastic keepsakes for fans, gifts for coaches, and even fundraising items. So, whether you're a die-hard supporter or a team organizer, these buttons are the perfect way to showcase your love for the game.

Create a Lasting Symbol of Unity and Support

Remember, designing custom sports buttons is all about capturing the essence of your team and creating a lasting symbol of unity and support. Whether you're a player, a coach, or a fan, these buttons will become treasured mementos that bring back memories of thrilling victories, heartwarming camaraderie, and the love for the game.

But don't just stop at team sports! Custom buttons can be designed for a variety of occasions. Whether it's a birthday celebration, a championship event, or a special milestone, these buttons add a personalized touch that makes any gathering more memorable.

And here's a pro tip: Custom sports buttons also make fantastic fundraising items. Whether you're raising money for new equipment, travel expenses, or team uniforms, these buttons provide a fun and affordable way to rally support from your community. Sell them at games, tournaments, or even online, and watch the funds roll in while spreading team spirit far and wide.


And there you have it, folks! Designing custom sports buttons with Photo Buttons By Jennifer is a breeze. With our simple process and fast turnaround time, you'll have personalized buttons that will take your team spirit to a whole new level.

At Photo Buttons By Jennifer, we're committed to delivering high-quality products that exceed your expectations. Our buttons are made with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that they stand the test of time. We want your custom sports buttons to be a source of pride and a cherished reminder of your team's journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's design some epic custom sports buttons together! Reach out to us at (804) 282-4436 or shoot us an email at [email protected] to get started. We can't wait to bring your vision to life and be a part of your team's incredible story.

Get ready to wear your team spirit on your sleeve (or should we say, on your button!) and make a statement that sets your team apart from the rest. Join the Photo Buttons family today and let the games begin!

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